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public relations
It is all about saying the right word at right time at the right place. It's what you want to say but in the words that consumers want to hear!
social media
Never before has consumer played such an important role. Today, brand building is just not FOR the people, it is BY the people and TO the people. This is the age of social media.
Customer used to be your wife,Now she is your girlfriend- You need Branding to delight her.
content marketing
Two aspects are critical for great content - Consumer-centrism and Completeness - from an email to Facebook status. And it works!

marketing sparks for your startup

Boring Brands is India's first (and perhaps World's first?) start-up marketing company for entrepreneurs who are starting up a new business idea or a new age activity. Started in 2009, with experience of 70+ start-ups, we sure know how every element of marketing, when put together can make a start-up, a force to reckon with and lead it to be the next kick ass company. From Brand strategy to Media buying, From designing a Logo to a Print ad, From PR to Social media, we have got your back!

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May 21, 2014  |  boringbrands  |   Comments

Recently, Headlines Today spoke to Jay Bavisi (CEO, EC Council) who dealt out sage advice to viewers about how to safeguard their online activities. Think you know it all? Okay, then you must also know about formatting your Smartphone at least 7 times before selling it off to a dealer. Didn’t get that last bit about formatting? Then watch the quick clip for a few handy tips!

Behind the scene work on PR – Done by Boring Brands team

March 15, 2014  |  boringbrands  |   Comments

Assassins have taken over the nation, a revolution has broken out, and people are fleeing the country in order to avoid getting caught! College campuses all over the country are feverish with the enigma that is the Chutta epidemic! Sounds intriguing? You bet it is!

Citrus Payment Solutions, has recently kicked up a storm around their networking game called Death of Chutta.