#BuildingItUp with Bertelsmann

#BuildingItUp with Bertelsmann

Honest, candid and to-the-point…Building It Up with Bertelsmann is India’s first business podcast that focuses on entrepreneurship and growth-pangs of a Start-up. Listen to leaders of the start-up community share what goes behind taking a company from 10 to 100 and how to solve some of the biggest growth challenges.
After all, they’ve been there, done that!


Annabelle Long on China’s fierce start-up ecosystem, and what’s in it for Indian entrepreneurs

‘Copy to China’ is history and the roaring success of companies such as Xiaomi, WeChat, Alibaba, Baidu (and many more) narrates a story of grit, creative thinking and the ability to adapt to local geographies. It also speaks volumes of China’s determination to ‘outlast all competition’.
As our guest on this episode is the woman responsible for 20 exits, 8 IPOs and 10 unicorns in China- Annabelle Long, Founding Managing Partner, Bertelsmann Asia Investments and she says “It’s not enough to have a powerful product in China. You have to be a general, a king, a warrior and a fighter to survive, scale and grow.”
So what can Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs borrow from China’s playbook? How can India implement China’s scaling strategies for reaching from 10 to 100? And what do Chinese investors look for in an Indian start-ups?
All this and more, in this episode of Building It Up.

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Deep Kalra- Scaling up your startup: It’s all about the Product-Market-Fit!

Starting a startup has never been easier, but building it up into an iconic brand is harder than ever. As a startup founder aiming to take your startup from 10 to 100, you can definitely relate to this! But what often gets lost is the fact that behind every successful startup, exists a fair share of research, trial-and-error, and even failed attempts.Even the most iconic startups of our times began with concepts that were new to the industry and the product that had few or even no takers in the beginning. But what determined their success was a close correlation between the product, team and market, believes the guest on this podcast. Deep Kalra, the man behind India’s largest travel website shares how he created, grew and perfected a product in the market where no-one bought online. He shares how to go about building the right product, what to do when a competitor enters the market with a tried and tested discount play, what should the team that’s scaling the magical product look like? Deep Kalra talks candidly about his decade-long internet journey and his greatest regrets- on this episode of Building it up!

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Shernaz Daver-  Why every business needs powerful storytelling to scale?

Stories are an essential part of our day-to-day communications and an effective story-telling has the potential to breathe life into your brand. Apart from helping shape how people view you, a powerful story can create legacies, generate profit and help win loyalty of audiences.

Simply put, it’s an asset that your business must create keeping in mind your product, customers, profits and investors. It must be a part of setting up a successful, thriving business. “Therefore, what founders need to do is understand their story and integrate it in a way that it becomes an essential component of your existence,” says Google Venture’s Shernaz Daver in this episode of the Building it up Podcast. The discussion goes beyond the art of compelling storytelling to learning some traits from the effective storytellers such as Netflix’s Reed Hastings. How does the business growing from 10 to 100 alter its narratives while communicating to the broader audience? And how should founders, especially those who are not effective communicators, tell stories that evoke trust and make their stakeholders stick to the brand? All this and more in this episode.

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Sanjeev Bikchandani- The Curious Case Of IPO in India

In an environment where funding comes fairly easy, IPO remains the gold standard of recognition for a company coming of age. But even after being home to various billion dollar companies, Indian startup ecosystem is yet to mature as compared to its peers in the west.

So what’s holding back Indian ventures from going public? Is it the slow, arduous process or just the non-willingness to take the risk? When is a astartup ready to go public, evenso how and where? In this episode of Building it up with Bertelsmann, we delve into all this and more with Sanjeev Bikhchandani, the man behind India’s first dotcom IPO. Sanjeev takes us through the transactional and tangible aspects of the IPO journey, while also sharing how to make those tough choices of NSE or BSE vs. NASDAQ, growth vs. profitability and many others.

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