From ‘Ambitious Couple’ to ‘Super Couple’

The Unconventional Story of BoringBrands’ Founders

From ‘Ambitious Couple’ to ‘Super Couple’: The Unconventional Story of BoringBrands’ Founders

Being an inspirational couple is not just about staying together, it’s about changing and impacting many lives together. That’s how Anshul Sushil and Aakriti Bhargava (our founders), armed with their love for technology and communication respectively, decided to build BoringBrands with sheer determination and zest. And today, their remarkable journey from being just life partners to company partners has been featured in Prachi Garg’s latest book – ‘SuperCouples’.

This book celebrates journey of couples who went a step ahead to become business partners! In the times of evolving startup ecosystem, finding the right partner is not an easy task. In lieu of finding honest partners, real life couples have started breaking boundaries, and exploring the idea of partnering up in businesses too. ‘SuperCouples’ documents real-life stories. Reading about couple-preneurs in this book, brings forth a crucial fact – it’s only a myth that husband-wife should not work together! This book talks to 19 couple-preneurs from the startup ecosystem and culls out lovely stories of their ‘enterprising’ lives.

Anshul and Aakriti’s partnership started in college (MICA) as lovers, which eventually led to their simple forever. Harnessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to address the inherent need and a desire to work with startups – has today, turned into the most sought-after company, extending marketing and brand communication services to wide-ranging brands across geographies. In this whole journey, getting featured for who our Founders are and what went into making of their empire seems like a shining milestone!

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