How brands are riding the digital media wave

How brands are riding the digital media wave

How many of you remember one of the most successful Facebook campaigns in recent years—the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Yes, the same ‘phenomenon’ that went viral in the summer of 2014 and attracted scores of celebrities, including Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and Tom Cruise, to dunk a bucket of iced water over their heads to solicit donations and raise awareness for the ALS disease.

And how many of you remember’s ambitious rebranding campaign- #Lookup- that allowed the company to bag 5 awards. People, especially Instagrammers, and photography enthusiasts, across the globe, were highly intrigued by the company’s  ninety degree ‘Look Up’ approach and it wasn’t long before it turned into a popular #lookupmoments campaign with people posting photographs of the symbol, wherever spotted, making it one of the top brands on Instagram.

I’m sure you remember both the campaigns, regardless of the platform you are active on. While both the campaigns differ strikingly on the scale they were promoted on, both had a varied impact.

With users uploading 100 hours of video to YouTube every 60 seconds, sharing more than 4.75 billion pieces of content on Facebook every 24 hours and adding 500 million new tweets per day, digital media marketing has become the focus of many brands’ growth strategies in recent years. The growth of this medium has made it possible for brands to reach buyers at their desks and in their homes. This level of access has changed the way we approach advertising, with brands spending more on digital marketing every year.

These platforms can look like hay – lightweight and manageable on its own- but collect many pieces together and suddenly you have a bale too huge to lift. In a situation when different brands are swearing by different platforms, what should a brand do? Should they ignore the relatively new kid on the block (READ Snapchat) and risk looking like a fool? Or should they let the numbers make the call, trim the fat, and focus on platforms with proven value? The simplest answer is to make noise at a place where your audience is!

In other words, digital media, today, is becoming increasingly segmented, with certain populations and demographics gravitating to one platform over another. Thus it’s important to pinpoint the most effective platforms for your brand by identifying the ones that your audience is most likely to use.

For many companies, Facebook is indispensable just because of its sheer size (1.94 billion monthly active users, worldwide). While for companies with business and other professional audiences LinkedIn (500 million users) tends to be very successful. Similarly, where some can use images-driven Instagram (700 million users) to create the much-required buzz, some can do it with the help of 140 characters on a platform that is considered for an educated audience-Twitter (317 million).

Like, in the case of Housings’ lookup campaign, Instagram weaved the magic since its audience, young independent heterosexuals are active on the platform and finding the fresh color panel and series of interesting, connected lookup moments trickled down the effect.

Similarly, for a car rental app, Revv, which recently conceptualized a digital film depicting the life of a man caught up in his daily routine, a digital video, promoted through Facebook, created the effect since it triggered the feeling of reminiscing carefree hostel days in just right manner that a series of pictures would have missed to do. And the numbers say it all!

The video managed to garner over 204k views within three hours of going live.

Each brand will have to use these demographics, along with more specific consumer information, to determine which social media networks are best suited to reach their target audiences. There’s no way to prescribe a best approach—each strategy will have to be handled on a case-by-case basis. The smart move, according to me, is to understand your priorities and putting your effort into the channels offering the greatest reward.


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