How PR Re-Invented a Traditional Brand in the Digital World

The Problem Statement

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PR Objective - Project as most innovation-oriented

  Position as No.1 job portal for job search and hiring
  Project as the most innovation -oriented company - Position as one-stop shop

  Position as one-stop solution for finding a life partner
  Project as the most secure and convenient matchmaking experience - Build brand love

  Build brand love by shaping stories and conversations around company
  Project as a huge property bank that allows direct connect with brokers/builders

Messaging for.. - Target audience: Job seekers | Recruiters | Media | Ecosystem

  How’s user-friendly, and innovative platform is facilitating hiring at multiple verticals.
  Spread awareness about the fact that 60% users comeback to, making it No.1 in its domain.
  How is facilitating job search and hiring processes through its state-of-the-art portal, and also curbing unemployment. - Target audience: Prospective Brides and Grooms | Parents | Media | Ecosystem

  How is successfully serving Indian society since 1998 and leveraging technology to introduce innovations.
  How it offers multiple products like 100% screening, exclusive privacy options, photo protection features and verification of phone numbers.
  How is facilitating search for prospective life partners and hence, enabling individuals fulfil one of the important duties of their lives. - Target audience: Renters and Buyers | Builders and Brokers | Media | Ecosystem

  Focus on all 3 business aspects of – New User, Rental and Resale.
  Position company as the solution provider for property search, as well as research on various trends and developments in the real estate sector.
  Raise awareness on how more and more people are turning online to search for properties for rent as well as purchase.

What we did