Increased page likes by 80% – Purplle

THE BRIEF partnered with an international brand, Gillette to promote their new women’s razor Venus, to be launched in the market.

Gillette Venus was exclusively available with for 8 days and they decided to offer Rs. 100 cashback. The product was priced at Rs. 250 and is targeted to SEC BC category women, who are always time-strapped and essentially live in tier 1-2 towns.

The requirement was to create a compelling narrative and execute it across digital mediums – primarily focused on Facebook to drive engagement and traffic.


How to engage with the social audience when the fan’s profile for the brand was not very active.

The brand had over 2 lakh fans but people talking about this were just at 1098, which is 0.549%.

Also, most posts were around other brands, which Purplle tied up with, but very few had’s voice. The challenge was to create a unique voice for the brand –, that its fans could identify themselves with.


  • Increase engagement rate for by increasing the number of ‘people talking about it’
  • Create a distinct cause around Gillette Venus razor and make it unique to in a way that its consumers are compelled to take note and to make sure it generates buzz on social media.
  • To increase the trialist for Gillette Venus razor and incentivize users to buy the product from

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Total page likes for the brand as on 26th Feb, 2017 was at 2.50 Lacs, with average likes of 260; while the average comments on posts was 6.2. The posts done on the page resulted in 7.1 average shares.

No. of Post/Day vs Avg. Engagement did 3 posts per day (on an average), which generated an average engagement {(Likes+Shares+Comments)/Posts} of 0.2%.

Avg Post Text Lenght (Characters)

Social Media Purplle Post Frequency Boring Brands did most posts of about 141-280 characters.

However, these posts were not generating highest engagement for the brand in the social domain.

The brand interaction with fans was stagnant and was stuck at a single digit rate.

The objective was to keep an eye on metrics. BoringBrands suggested changes, basis multiple aspects of social media audit and analysis on fans’ behavior. Based on the complete data obtained, the new strategy to engage with fans was chalked out.


The agency suggested the ‘Two Social’ strategy mix


Participatory social media strategy involved enticing fans to comment or react to a particular action. This involved driving contests, opinionating customers to make choices, involving social proof by friends to driving responses by the brand on queries.


Top-down social media involves crafting a unique singular message, which generates buzz and reactions.
This is usually a single hashtag or a group of hashtags that showcases the brand to take position against a prevalent social-cultural tension.

Social Media Execution

A clear jump in engagement metrics from 28th Feb - when the campaign started and sustained growth throughout the campaign.



  • 3.1 million impressions delivered over the campaign period of 12 days.
  • 175.2k reactions delivered including: Likes (90%), Love (5%), Wow (2%) and Anger (0.62%).
  • Total 2.08 Lakh views generated in 3 days.
  • A 20x increase registered in ‘People Talking About The Brand’.