The New Age connected customer requires being entertained across the 3 major portions



With specific aspects



At strategic touch points



In digital to 10X the impact

Our expertise in channel management builds brand equity by creating conversations, pushing ROI-driven results and capturing the consumer at every stage with top-to-bottom optimization.


Align your marketing goals


Attract more potential buyers


Convert more qualified leads


Close more sales – Repeat

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is at the heart of our philosophy

At last count, the average person across the globe was spending approximately one hour on social media every day. Thus, for us, digital marketing doesn’t limit itself to a single site or a single strategy, but using all our tools like an effective design, targeted marketing, SEM, SEO and content to create a truly 360-degree approach to brands’ presence online.

When we create a digital marketing strategy for your brand, we first gauge what your company is all about, and fuse the full range of our resources with our cross-functional teams providing apt data to provide you with a consistent digital customer experience.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the lifeblood of B2B marketing

Did you know that inbound marketing has proven to be 9x more effective for increasing a websites organic traffic, lead generation, sales, and client retention for B2B companies?

Unlike traditional outbound marketing (i.e. cold calls, cold emails, press releases) that interrupts and tries to get out in front of as many people as possible, inbound marketing focuses on pulling in qualified prospects when they are actively searching for relevant information and answers.

Public Relationship

The next era of Public Relations is technologically powered proof

And our team is already prepped up for this futuristic PR.
We create just the right cocktail of experience-based instinct, research and data that leads to a PR strategy delivering measurable results. We know how to differentiate brands and create content that reflects the tenets of storytelling.

This means developing narratives that push journalists to weave stories that people read.

We believe in creating content that takes technology in its stride

We are one of those curious nerds who dig deeper and come up with content that compromises on neither tone, quality nor message, and can offer search gains that no brand website could achieve.

Because content marketing is not about reaching more people — it’s about connecting with the right people. This means shifting gears, moving away from the message and making customers the focus in a meaningful way.

Digital Films

Digital films are the New Age branded content

We all love a brand that narrates amazing stories- beautiful, original stories that excite and engage customers. Here, the digital world gives us just the right opportunity to present this brand story.

In the realm of New Age marketing, original content is a blessing, and we take pride in solving problems of creating engagement for brands digitally, using entertainment as a primary tool.

Our advertising unearths distinct advantages for your brand.

At BoringBrands, we ditch the habits that do not translate into the digital world. With a right mix of advertising tactics to attract, engage, convert, and delight, we make sure that our solutions are not run-off-the-mill.

We don’t believe in the ordinary. We bring ideas that are fresh and fantastic. That engage and entertain. That create the right emotion. We colour outside the lines so that your brand can achieve its goals.